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Tasttlig Partners with Restaurants across the world to help them reach new customers and expand their businesses. A partner of Tasttlig Corporation means you leverage our expertise in Finance, Marketing and Technology to grow your restaurant business. Partnership with Tasttlig means growth for your business. 

We grow your business by onboarding you to our Marketing Platforms; from Computer Applications, Radio Shows or Festivals, we've got your covered. If needed our financial networks provides capital and technology to help you grow and reach new markets faster. Becoming a Tasttlig Partner is easy, start by signing up to our computer application. (Beta) - Release Date - June 16

Kodede platform provides you all the tools to create, run and promote your restaurant online. Further, it gives you access to a built in and ready customers looking for your restaurant. For a limited time period, subscription to Kodede is FREE. 

Our Platform exponentially helps Restaurants that are :

  • A niche restaurant typically not mainstream and not franchised. 
  • Run by mom and pop owners and operators.
  • Typically a first generation immigrant family run restaurant
  • Cooking and serving food original to your home country cuisine. 
  • Looking for exponential growth

$Your Restaurant will be eligible for Financial Support when we track 6 months of active usage on our platform. 

Become a Tasttlig Restaurant

Our focus is to help you grow your business. As a partner restaurant, you are able to share food, sell it, create culinary experiences through events on Kodede. We provide you all the tools to enable you to create ads online and distribute them on Kodede and all your social media from the convenience of your home or restaurant.  Once you are successful on Kodede, you will be featured on Tasttlig's platform, online, on air and on ground. Sign up on Kodede - Become a Tasttlig Partner.