[Taste-Lig]: An Acronym, Taste and See that the Lord is good

Founding Story

Tasttlig Corporation was incorporated in July 13, 2018 and started operating in Toronto, Ontario on September 17, 2018. The story of Tasttlig  Corporation started at the turn of the century on January 6th, 2000, the day its founder, Nabil Mensah landed in Toronto, Ontario from his homeland of Ghana. 

Nabil  had been taught from an early childhood about countries outside of Ghana but had never left his birth country until he landed in Toronto on the cold winter January night in 2000. His first experience was with the weather. It was his next experience that sowed the seeds for Tasttlig Corporation, The dim representation of some Nations and their people.  He know the world had to be showcased in the best light possible and someone had to tell this story better. 

As a student, his focus was on his education but he would from time to time share his thoughts on the truth about his homeland and its people with his friends and other people if they were curious to know.  After completing his studies at McMaster University with a major in Economics, Computer Science and a minor in commerce, he worked for the largest financial institutions in Canada as a financial advisor across the country in many provinces serving Canadian families.

The Launch of Tasttlig Corporation :

In 2018, he felt it was time  to share the truth about the world he knew to everyone. He realized the best way to experience a culture was through its food.  He started by sharing the story of Africa through its food, music and culture to guests at an event he created called  "A culinary Journey Across the Regions of Africa" He held this event at Kiza Restaurant and Lounge,  a  Pan African restaurant  downtown Toronto on September 17, 2018. This was the lunch event for Tasttlig Corporation. He  expanded the concept to other nationalities by partnering with Restaurants and chefs across Toronto to host these experiences at their restaurants and community centres around the city. 

The Launch of Festival :

In 2019, Tasttlig launched a Multi-National Food Festival Experience to continue its mission of showcasing the world in the best possible light.  This festival brings together all people, including chefs, caterers, restaurants and food trucks to showcase their National dishes . This experience is accompanied by Arts, Games and Entertainment while guests discover food from around the world.  These experiences continue to be hosted in Restaurants, Community Centres, Parks and other venues across the city.  

Entrepreneurial Support :

Tasttlig works with Entrepreneurs with financial, marketing and technological advise to help them grow their brands.

Corporate Social Responsibility :

Tasttlig removes all barriers for new comer chefs to access better socio-economic status through its non profit initiative The non-profit provides training, capital and market support to new comer Entrepreneurs. 

Tasttlig Office: 

Tasttlig is a proud member of CSI,  located at 585 Dundas Street East, Toronto Ontario. M5A 2B7. Our Phone number is  416.618.4858

Tasttlig as an Experience


Tasttlig has become an experience platform where people come together over food, music and entertainment to connect with old friends and meet new ones while learning about another culture.  At Tasttlig, food, culture and music is shared across diverse communities. These experiences open our worlds to each other and we gain love, deep understanding and appreciation for each other. This is what Tasttlig experiences is all about. It gives us a chance to have a guided immersive experience in another culture by engaging in their Food and entertainment and the rest is yours to  discover. 

It is fitting that we started Tasttlig in Toronto. Toronto is celebrated as a multicultural haven with a large global representation. Tasttlig is here to join with Toronto to celebrate the world in Toronto and beyond. We want to celebrate our richness in diversity and provide a sense of belonging to everyone. Our culinary experiences are designed to be Real, True and Authentic!