Tasttlig Marketing Services

Products and Services

Tasttlig Marketing Services is the marketing arm and subsidiary of Tasttlig Corporation. TMS's objective is to present the world in the best possible light. We do our experiential marketing with food, music, arts and entertainment to give our guests and partners the best experience. Tasttlig Marketing Services is pleased to be behind the Regent Park Multi-National Food Markets and many other restaurant promotional campaigns. TMS flagship product, Kodede will be released in the summer of 2019. Kodede provides a marketplace for Chefs and Restaurants to introduce their products and services to the rest of the world.

TMS services include :

- Direct and Indirect Marketing

- Experiential Marketing

- Online Marketing

- Offline Marketing

- Data Driven Marketing

TMS Experiential Marketing

TMS is behind some of the most popular markets in Toronto. To learn more about our Experiential markets, visit the link below:

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