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Account Executives



Our account executives manage our client accounts. They represent Tasttlig Corporation to our clients. They must be able to represent our brand well and go above and beyond service protocols to make sure the client is happy with us.


Tasttlig depends on the account executives, so does our customers. Our executives must be reliable and dependable and they must assure us they will remain committed until the work is complete and the customer and us are happy.


Our account executives must be eager to succeed. There is no cap on how much they can make at Tasttlig in terms of financial compensation. They must be eager to make money and gain recognition for themselves each and everyday.  

Career Driven

Our account executives must be career driven. They must be willing to rise quickly through the company ranks to either run their own Company office or get into leadership at Tasttlig Corporation.  Leadership is important to us.

Have Fun

We are a fun group of people. Our account executives should be able to let loose and have fun with everyone in the office and outside. We value hard work and we also value great fun. We hope you have a great sense of humour.


If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact our office at hello@tasttlig.com


What does an account executive do?

Job Description

An Account Executive at Tasttlig Corporation is responsible for securing new customers, service their account and recommend new products and services to them to help them reach their goals. 

Restaurant Owners are your target customers – An Account Executives role resolves around finding restaurants that can use Tasttlig marketing services to reach new customers and expand their market share with our packages. 

Packages – To help a restaurant owner reach new customers, they need to advertise to them. Your role is to ensure the restaurant owners see the value in working with Tasttlig Corporation. You will offer them our marketing packages which include - Ad Creation, Marketing and Distribution. Event Creation, Marketing and Distribution. Custom business development services for their unique needs. 

Compensation - Account Executives run their own business with Tasttlig Corporation with our support. We provide all the technology, networking opportunities to allow our executives to excel as business owners. An account executive at Tasttlig can make on average $250,000.00/ year running their own business. 

Products - Account executives have many Tasttlig products to offer to their clients. Some amazing products for clients include Kodede - Our Food Platform, T.Taste, our media and advertising Platform, Taste of TO, our event and Festival Platform and some more coming to their shelf soon including Green Leaf Loans. 

Services - Tasttlig provides customized Financial and Technological Services to our restaurant owners.

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A Career at Tasttlig Corporation is very rewarding. Owning your own business with Tasttlig Corporation provides financial security. If joining our team is of interest to you, Apply below :

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Media team

Some Media Team Members

We are creative, fun and authentic. If you are, join us. We are always expanding and looking for good people to join our team. We run the T.Taste Radio show on Iheart Radio every Sunday from 8-9pm. Reach out to us: media@tasttlig.com