Tasttlig Financial Services

 Tasttlig Financial Services is a boutique investment firm with a mandate to invest in emerging markets. It invests in the Food and Technology Industry Globally particularly in Toronto and Accra.  TFS sells its proprietary funds, Green Leaf and Star Bright in addition mainstream funds within our portfolio. Tasttlig's funds goes to support the build of technology and marketing tools to continue to support emerging markets. 

Tasttlig Investment Opportunities

TFS Green Leaf Fund


The Green Leaf funds's objective is to provide the funding necessary for chefs to become restaurant owners and for restaurant owners to expand their operations.

TFS Star Bright Fund


The Star Bright Fund is a global fund that finds and invest in the brightest talents around the world working to develop for the emerging markets.

Traditional Asset Classes


Tasttlig provides investors opportunities to invest in traditional assets classes like public stock, bonds and mutual funds through its brokerage and distribution.

Tasttlig Insurance Opportunities

Life Insurance


Whether it is Term Life, Whole Life or Universal Life Insurance, TFS sources its insurance policies from the best insurers in Canada to ensure you have peace of mind covering the important things in your life.

Health Insurance


From Employers group plans to individually acquiring health insurance, we provide you access and advice through the best health and dental insurance companies in the market.

Travel Insurance


Travel Insurance protects you financially when you travel outside of your residence. We provide you the best travel insurance packages so you can enjoy your travels without the worry.

Investor Relations

To learn more about how to invest in Tasttlig, Contact us below :

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