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On Air-Iheart Radio - Radio Regent


Radio Regent has over 7,000 listeners per month. with a selection of over 46 shows playing 7 days a week. We are connected to bring you the power of Interactive Radio. Radio Regent airs on Iheart Radio, Canadian leading online radio station . We start you off with your own jingle and we play it throughout our shows for maximum exposure in Toronto. We record the podcast and stream it globally on Soundcloud, Potbean and other websites. Le's set you up for success.

On Line - Kodede and social Media.


Kodede is a platform that provides a Social and Commercial Network for Food and Food Providers around the world.  Users of Kodede are food lovers and they provide you immediate customer base for your food products and services. If you are a client of Tasttlig in other industries, our full services marketing platform will provide you access to the leading online and offline services to market your products and services to the public in Toronto and all over the world.

On the Ground - Taste of TO and Events.


Taste of TO is a festival platform for promoting emerging culture in Toronto. We customize in creating events for the food and beverage industry. Our platform provides avenues for entertainers to showcase their music to a larger audience. As a service, we provide custom event planning services for business of all kinds to promote their goods and services to their clients and attract new clients through these events. 

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