Tasttlig Financial Services

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Tasttlig Financial Services (TFS) is the financial arm of Tasttlig Corporation. The business mandate is to create significant value for Investors looking to create wealth by investing in emerging markets.

TFS invests on two continents - North America and Africa.

In North America, TFS Green Leaf Fund Invests in emerging chefs and restaurants in Toronto by providing a market online and offline for their goods and services. 

In Africa, TFS Star Bright Fund Invests in the brightest Africans in Ghana working on the latest technologies serving Africa's enormous emerging market.

TFS Protection offers Life, health and travel Insurance to the general public through its insurance brokerages in Toronto and Ghana.

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Tasttlig Financial Services (TFS) is the financial subsidiary of Tasttlig Corporation. TFS's objective is to create wealth and financial security for its investors. TFS's products include : TFS Green Leaf Fund and TFS Star Bright Fund. Both funds invests in emerging markets around the world. 

Financial Services



We provide financial advisory services in creating, managing and distribution of wealth.

Equity Financing


We provide Equity Financing to companies looking for capital in exchange for equity.

Debt Financing


We provide pure debt financing for companies looking for loans to grow their business.

Risk Management


We provide risk management services in the form of life, health and travel insurance.

Portfolio Management


We provide strategies in starting, managing and scaling up an investment portfolio.

Brokerage Services


We provide brokerage services in dealing with alternative investment such as gold, bitcoin.