Discover Multiculturalism in Food, Music, & Arts.

Tasttlig Members also have Commercial Profiles in Food, Music, and Arts.

Our community members love to celebrate culture. Some of us have commercial profiles food, music and the arts indexed by countries of origin. We are building a diverse community to serve you better. 

Food - We have a database of chefs, caterers and restaurant owners who sell food from diverse backgrounds. Discover their profile and access their food right on our platform. 

Arts- We have artist who showcase their world in their arts as part of our community. If you are interested in artist, connect with us and experience their work.

Entertainment - Whether you are looking for musicians, dancers or performers from diverse culture, you can discover them in our community.

Discover Community Profiles

As a member of Tasttlig, you can experience multiculturalism like never before. In taste, in sounds and in sight. You can get a taste of the world by getting connected to our community members through their profiles, food and food experiences. If you produce food, arts or entertainment, join our community on one of our commercial profiles. Use our community to market your services and make money directly marketing and selling to members. Learn about Tasttlig Profiles and Become a member. 

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This plans enables everyone to contribute to Tasttlig community

Chef Profiles


A place for Chefs to create a profile to showcase their food

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A place for Caterers to create a profile to showcase their food

Restaurant Profiles


A place for restaurants to create a profile to showcase their food

Artist Profiles


A place for artists to create a profile to showcase their arts

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A place for entertainers to create their profile to showcase their entertainment.


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Browse our Marketplace for Food from around the world.

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Try Food from Restaurants, Chefs, Caterers and Places you will normally not eat from. 

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Connect with our community of chefs, caterers and restaurants.

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Find your home online for your business. 

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Connect with people from diverse backgrounds from community events and activity.

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Gain world knowledge as you interact with our community resource.

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We have partnered with financial institutions that are able to provide business loans to our members to help them grow their businesses.



We open up the world to you to experience new food. We open up the world to you to attract new customers to your food at our marketplace. 



Our technology enables you to explore food experiences Our commercial members make money hosting food experiences for our guests.



We provide radio and podcast platform to create more awareness to your brand and give you new ways to express yourself.

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We provide exclusive access to our members. Connect with food, arts and entertainment producers.

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Members get rewards in the form on prizes and getaways as thank you for patronizing our services.

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Hosting a party? Download our app to coordinate all your food, music, arts and entertainment. Create your experience, invite people and publish it all on our app. 


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