Tasttlig Sustainable Charity

Using Food and Technology to help New Comers and Youth gain income.

Tasttlig uses food and technology as a catalyst for social and Economic change in Regent Park. We work with new comer Canadians and youth by creating market opportunities and co-ops for them to make extra income with their skills.

Food Rounds is a program originated from Tasttlig Corporation and executed through partnerships with Dixon Hall on a pilot project. The purpose is to help food providers start their food businesses online on the Kodede technology platform and offline at food markets and events. Food rounds is a 5 day Intensive business course piloted by Dixon Hall.

Starbright Innovation is a program originated by Tasttlig Corporation. The purpose is to help young people find work in technology companies. Tasttlig Corporation with partnership with technology companies in Toronto provide full time, part-time, co-op and internship job opportunities for young people in Toronto to gain employment in Technology. We are looking for collaborators for Starbright.

All Charitable Programs

Whether it is programs for Caterers to start a food business or for youth to gain employment in technology companies in Canada or income opportunities globally, Tasttlig charity works with organizations to collaborates on ways to accelerate the work of value creation and income generating through our programs. We help new Canadians become economically sustainable using heir skills and knowledge to create value in society. To learn more about Tasttlig charitable programs, visit