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Tasttlig [Taste-Lig] expands - Taste And See That The Lord Is Good.

Growing up in Ghana, I enjoyed food from different communities. Whether it was Waakye from the Hausa tribe, Fufu from the Ashanti Tribe, Kenkey from the Ga tribe or Akpene from the Ewe tribe, they all gave me a sense of richness, belonging and options. 

Ghana draws these richness from the 10 tribes within its borders. There are over 3,000 tribes spread across 54 countries in Africa. Each  tribe with its own authentic culinary experience. 

This is just Africa. Asia, Europe, Australia, North and South America all have their unique, diverse communities and culinary experiences yet to be discovered and appreciated by all.

This is why I created Tasttlig. [Taste-Lig] Stands for - Taste And See That The Lord Is Good. 

Tasttlig is a platform that allows food, culture and entertainment to be shared across diverse communities. I get excited when I try new cuisines from friends’ heritage and equally excited when I introduce my  friends to try cuisines from my heritage. These experiences open our worlds to each other and we gain love, deep understanding and appreciation for each other. This is what Tasttlig experiences is all about. It gives us a chance to have a guided immersive experience in another culture by engaging in their Food and entertainment and the rest is yours to  discover. We call it getting F.E.D. (Food, Entertainment, Discovery)

It is fitting that we started Tasttlig in Toronto. Toronto is celebrated as a multicultural haven with a large global representation. Tasttlig is here to join with Toronto to celebrate the world in Toronto and beyond. We want to celebrate our richness in diversity and provide a sense of belonging to everyone. Our culinary experiences are designed to be Real, True and Authentic!

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Nabil Mensah - Founder, Tasttlig Corporation